Monday, June 30, 2008

Visiting Abby

In this video click, Casey (7 years old) and Scout (4 months)
are introduced to their new little pal Abby (8 weeks).
Shot in Castro Valley, California. To download a high-
resolution copy, click here. (0:00:56)

My dogs Casey and Scout were introduced to my parent's puppy Abby at my parent's house tonight.

Ever since I got Scout, Mom wanted a puppy too. She's always had terriers, as you can see under Generations of terriers past. Now she's got Abby, an 8-week-old Jack Russell Terrier. Yep, that's right, she got a baby to care for while Dad's at work.

Mom is enjoying raising the puppy. She loves the cuddly puppy stage. At her age, though, you'd think what she'd like best is a grown-up Abby--a sturdy gardening buddy and weed puller, ball fetcher, silent listener, and all around faithful companion.

Dad's being a really good sport about the whole thing. He mended the fence in the backyard so Abby is safe, assembled a crate for her, and attached a gate to the kitchen doorway so Abby can play in the kitchen where they hang out the most, and where the flooring is puppy-proof linoleum. When I asked, "Dad, how do you like Abby?" He nonchalantly looked up from his newspaper and said, "She's okay." And then, when he thought no one was looking, he smiled, pat her on the head, and slipped her a piece of cheese.

As for me, I'm hoping raising Abby gives Mom some delightful experiences to share with the family. Mom never has been very good at having fun.

After their first visit with Abby, Scout and Casey didn't want to go home. They liked playing with Abby. That's good because it'll be up to Casey, Scout, and me to make sure the little gal gets plenty of exercise to grow strong.

Abby (born April 7, 2008. Photo taken July 13, 2008.)

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