Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Better than staying home

Anna wearing a muzzle so she can ride a tram in Italy. In Italy, dogs must wear a muzzle to ride on trams, trains, and other public transportation. While being a nuisance, it's better than leaving your dog at home.

Like so many other dog owners in the good ole U.S.A., I think my little West Highland White Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier are the most free, most lucky, most liberated puppies on the face of the earth. But, that's simply not true. Anna, a Greyhound in Europe, is really the liberated one.

Have a look at Anna's adventure photo blog, and you'll see she's been everywhere, is loved by many, and has experienced so much!

Anna goes on trams and trains in Italy, as long as she wears a muzzle. Can your pup go on a tram up the Colorado mountains? No! Can your pup ride the train from Emeryville, California, to Reno, Nevada, and beyond? No! They're not allowed on government-owned AmTrak--not even with a muzzle. I'd be happy to muzzle my dogs so they could travel with me on the train. Of course, if the dogs wear muzzles, they won't be able to carry on their own luggage.

Two dogs with their luggage at train station.
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