Friday, April 25, 2008

Presenting Casey

Video clip of Casey running circles around the late, great Duncan at Carmel by the Sea, California, U.S.A. Video taken August 2007 (30 seconds).

Overall, my dog Casey, a West Highland White Terrier, is a kind and gentle little gal. She is somewhat athletic and has a sweet temperament. For example, she:

  • Tolerates a child's rough handling

  • Stands still when having her nails clipped

  • Climbs up the back of my chair to look out the window but won't sit on my lap

  • Loves to go "car bye bye"

  • Demands her independence

  • Thinks she a big dog

  • Holds a grudge when insulted, criticized, or scolded

  • Bolts when off leash and won't return when called

  • Requires frequent brushing because her rough coat doesn’t shed on its own

  • Gets very protective when I'm eating

  • Bites through bones like butter

  • Walks mile upon mile with her nose to the ground and tail in the air

  • Kills rats, mice, snails, flies without remorse

  • Chases cats, squirrels, geese, ducks, children with glee

  • Runs in circles like a thoroughbred at the race track

  • Swims a perfect dog-paddle stoke

  • Rolls in anything dirty, stinky, or both

  • Watches dog food commercials on TV and dog videos on YouTube

  • Barks when an animal or human approaches her territory

  • Enjoys the company of humans and canines

Casey's old-world ancestry shows in her dignified expression.

West Highland White Terriers probably suffer from inbreeding more than any other breed. As everyone knows, excessive inbreeding results in health problems, and mental and physical degeneration. Casey is from old-world stock. She's blessed with excellent genes, and a vigorous body, sound mind, and hardy spirit.

Tomorrow I fly to Colorado to pick up Scout, a Jack Russell Terrier. We'll be a pack of three again.

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